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Welcome to Echo Canyon PTO!

We like to think of our PTO not as an organization, but as a group of friends that are interested in developing a community and supporting our student and staff needs and environment.    

Echo Canyon is a unique choice school; parents have placed their children here for many reasons. Becoming involved at Echo Canyon means educating yourself on what this school is all about, reading to your child, getting your children to school on time, and assisting in the completion of your child's home learning. Involvement provides you with experience to support your understanding of why this school does things differently. Spend some time at Echo Canyon and you will realize how lucky we are to have our children in this very special community.  

As we do with our children, we encourage our volunteers to explore their passions when lending us their time and talents. We are a parent/teacher group driven by the needs and interests of Echo Canyon's staff, students and parents. We believe in the value of personal parent-to-parent contact to promote a collaborative environment. We hope to provide a framework for all parents to be included in the overall community thru wide and diverse areas of interest.

The Parent Teacher Organization is here to work with parents and teachers to support and build a better community; greater connections from home to school.  Our goal is to enhance the educational experience for our students by supplementing and supporting the needs of teachers to promote academic and enrichment activities.  Together we will foster the best possible educational experiences for our children.